Golden Girls




Golden Girls 2009

This photo of our Golden Girls was taken in 2009.

Our "Golden Girls" is a very happy group of bowlers who play a shortened game of bowls.  Each week these ladies form themselves into teams and enjoy a game of however many ends they may choose to play that day.

This group provides a wonderful opportunity for many of our ladies to continue to play bowls, despite such limitations such as ill health, injuries, disabilities that come with age, recovering from illness or operations etc.  Although there is a central core of "regulars", they are often joined by other members who are able to play a shorter game while rehabilitating after sickness or surgery, till returning to full health, strength and mobility.

Most of these "Golden Girls" have won pennants and championships and represented the club in some form over the years.  It is so good to see these ladies still able to enjoy their game of bowls, keeping fit and active at the same time and enjoying the company of their fellow bowlers.

The photo below shows some of the Golden Girls at our 2009 Christmas Party.