Club Minor Pairs 2017


                           2017 Minor Pairs Championship

 Photo below shows (L to R) P. Cutting (Skip) and V. Darcy 

              Minor Pairs Championship Winners 

  Minor Pairs Winners 2017 (P. Cutting and V. Darcy)             

The final of the minor pairs was played Tuesday 2 September 2017 between P. Cutting (Skip) with V. Darcy (Lead) and M. Bruce (Skip) with D. Acons (Lead)
This game was played in the true spirit of this sport on a very windy but sunny day. All four ladies found the wind annoying but it did not dampen their spirits, with P. Cutting and V. Darcy winning 27-14.
Congratulation to all players.
Colleen Eather 

Photo below shows (L to R) D. Acons and M. Bruce (Skip)

             Minor Pairs Championship Runners-Up